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VivoBook 15 pushses the limits of what is possible, inspiring you to break a new bounds. The new frameless four-sided NanoEdge design gives VivoBook 15 an almost-bezel-free display with vast amount of screen area and extremely immersive visuals, for work and play. Even with the ultra slim bezel, a pleasing HD camera  is accomodated on the top bezel for your videochat with family and friends a world away.


The ride is safe and sturdy.

Its dual-disc brakes stop on a dime, 14” wheels grip the road, and steel alloy frame will feel solid under your seat.

The battery goes the extra mile.

You can cover 15 miles of road using all-motor power — more if you choose to pedal — before you need to recharge.

It’s road-ready.

The Bolt Pro has street appeal — and street smarts, thanks to its bright LED headlight, strobing red taillight, and easy-flick alert bell.


Ready for whatever life throws at it

Teachers who say the classroom feels like a battleground, take heart—this device has military-grade durability. Built tough with rubber bumpers, reinforced ports and hinges, and mechanically-anchored keys, the 100e (2nd Gen) laptop can handle all manner of shock and awe. It’s drop-resistant up to 29.5" (75cm), roughly the height of a school desk.

So productive, it almost does your homework

With its Intel® Celeron® processor, the Lenovo 100e (2nd Gen) laptop seamlessly runs Windows 10 and apps from the Microsoft Store. Choose from thousands of education apps, like Office 365, Microsoft Teams, OneNote Class Notebook, Minecraft Education Edition, Kahoot!, GeoGebra, and more. Easily work with multiple windows and browser tabs open at the same time.